Humans are the social being and they have sentiments attached to the house they live in. People build houses with detailed planning and utmost care so they could cherish living in them and pass on their property to their children. Sometimes the problem occurs in the house that we live in.

The type of houses that people live in may or may not have the basement. It is not occasional or everyday occurring hazard like fire etc. that one is prepared beforehand to confront it. The issue to ponder upon is normally the one that one never consider it could happen to them until it is there.

Foundation Cracks

Cracks can occur anywhere in the walls. These can also be seen on the floor. More often these cracks are of minor nature which can be solved easily with some help. At times, it may be a sign of looming bigger problem and impending danger which cannot be overlooked. Whatever may be the problem, it can be fixed by having the help of a professional. The common problem of cracks in houses with and without the basement is elaborated below.

Type of Cracks:
There are basically two types of cracks:
a) Structural and
b) Non-Structural Cracks

Structural Cracks

Structural cracks have a definite pattern where they occur. Cracks occur at lower corners and are accompanied by vertical cracks in the wall. The other pattern for cracks is that they can occur at all the junctions of the wall and interconnect horizontal crack in the middle. The important thing to notice in them is that these cracks are basically broader. There can or cannot be the leakage of water in them. The concrete foundation repair is a serious business. Similarly, wall crack repair is a necessity to control further damage.

The reason behind these cracks lies in the foundation of the house. It can be caused due to soil dehydration or it can be linked to extreme pressure applied by puffed-up soil. When soil becomes extremely dry, they shrink. This shrinking puts pressure on the concrete foundation which further develops in the formation of cracks. When it comes to ensuring safety of structures, the company can provide a great deal of service. You can trust our foundation repair professionals for the purpose of repairing and maintaining the foundation wall cracks.

Non-Structural Cracks

Non-Structural Cracks don’t need any particular soil type or weather condition. These can happen anywhere around the globe. These cracks can emerge from interruption of pipes and other openings in the wall such as doors and windows. These cracks are caused due to outside pressure that soil applies in the horizontal direction. These cracks are very small as compared to structural cracks. They are very fine cracks, very small in occurrence and sometimes can be a hairline type. When the soil is wet or flooded the water would leak through it.

These type of crack are harmless but they corrupt the color structure and appear bad when looked upon. The treatment for these cracks is quite simple. The cracks are repaired by injection method. The contents of the injection flow all the way down to the soil and permanently close the openings. It is the foolproof method to erase all non-structural cracks.

Basement Cracks

The houses that have basement might have encountered the problem of leaks. The basement wall repair is the only solution for cracks and leak. The leaks can pose a serious threat and can be very dangerous. It is a wise saying to seal the initial leakage in the beginning as soon as it is found or it can get out of control and prove to be a very costly affair. Seepage in the basement can come through a crack in the floor or at the seam where the foundation and floor meet. If you see water collection, it certainly is the indication of a leak.

Using the water-soluble fix is the best way to waterproof the leak. This mix is not only for the emergency but it should be used while building a house to the waterproof foundation.The soil on which the house is constructed needs to be examined. If the groundwater base is higher and the soil around your house is damp the proper planning is needed to waterproof the house. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to waterproof basement walls from inside.