The rains are the main culprit if you witness the pool of water in your basement. The water bucketing or sopping down the wall. The main reason behind that lies with your windows. Temporarily the leaking windows may be allayed off as a minor problem but sooner than later this issue can be a major factor in protecting the possessions kept in the basement. Since most of the homes made earlier were not made in tune with the prevailing conditions. The result is the damp and dingy basements for no better use any further.

Basically, a leaking window is the main culprit but the reasons behind that may wary. It could be due to cracks or maybe due to rotten wood but whatever it may be it can be repaired. If the window has been leaking for some time, then it is judicious to consider that the frame has been damaged and it is high time to consider repairs.

A window well is a curved piece of steel that is in conjunction with the grooved pipe which is used to block moisture from the window that drains the water in that area. If window well is there but grit is missing, then one can consider adding gravel inside the well. There is one important aspect to control the leaking which is related to the grade sloping. If the position to protect rainwater is either too high or is sloping towards the window, then it certainly aggravates the problem.

How can you deal with leaking windows?

Caulking is the first and foremost measure to consider: If the window of your basement has been leaking for a while, its frame is expected to show some signs of deterioration as well. However, additional repairs are another subject altogether. The first line of defense against leaking of basement windows is caulking them. If you haven’t done that already, you should get to that with our further ado. An In-depth caulking tutorial can be found at Wiki How.

Get a window well installed:

A window well might as well prevent moisture from entering your basement via the windows, but it does not completely solve its purpose if there is no gravel inside it. The gravel inside the well helps it overcome situations in which water that is being routed away by the steel insert with corrugated pipe overwhelms the apparatus.

Add further protection to the window well by adding a cover to it

A window well is constantly exposed to dirt and other impurities impending in the surroundings. A window well cover can significantly decrease the number of efforts it takes to clean the window well from time to time. A waterproofing professional can easily place the appropriate window well cover for you.

Make adjustments in the grade around your window

Basement windows are subjected to water leakage when the grade of the house is at such an elevation that it slopes towards the window. However, a slope much higher than the window does not provide any relief as well. The best solution is to call waterproofing professional and take their opinion and aid in adjusting the grade around your window.

Check the health of your gutters

If the reason for the leakage going to the basement through the windows is poor functioning of the gutters, it is wise to get the downspouts checked. Downpours that cause leakage into the foundation of your home lead to a plethora of waterproofing problems that might trouble you for a long time. More often than not, basement windows suffer from more than one waterproofing issue.

Be prepared to replace basement windows

The problem you’re dealing with can very well be right under your nose. As mentioned above, windows that leak for a long time develop problems in their frames as well. Weak frames further contribute to further leakage. If your windows or too old or have dealt with too much wear and tear, replacing them might be the option that will suit you in the best possible manner.

The most important thing to consider while dealing with leaking basement windows is that such problems require your immediate attention. They won’t be solved on their own. If your basement windows are giving your trouble, call waterproofing professionals as soon as possible!