A humid environment can lead to the formation of a natural by-product called Mold. Mold or mildew falls under the category of spores, one must ensure quick removal of these whenever they make an appearance in and around your house. People generally use harsh as well as harmful chemicals to remove & destroy the Mold. This is sad, if you can use natural amenities for the purpose of achieving the same, then why cause trouble for yourself & others?

Household items are available at your disposal for achieving an effective Mold kill as well as cost-effective operation. Just with various types of oils and powders blended with some water, you can obtain the economical & effective weapon you desire. Don’t let Mold settle and grow, as soon as you spot it, just go on a house cleaning spree without any second thought.

In this article, we’ll talk about the household items that can help you remove Mold with added ease. For more advanced solutions you must contact a mold remediation company.


The natural pungent scent, Vinegar has various hidden capabilities. When it comes to the Mold killer, Vinegar is setting up the benchmarks with its strong properties. One can spray Vinegar on the area that has been affected by the Mold. After few hours, you can scratch off the Mold and can obtain a clean area. You might add a bit of essential oil for the purpose of making the smell a bit fruitful. The pungent smell and oxidation effect of Vinegar can kill over 80% of Mold Spored instantly. It can also kill an array of bacteria and viruses since vinegar left the surface wet, you aren’t required to worry about the Mold to pollinate.

Baking Soda

When mixed with water, baking soda can be your best pick to remove Mold from surfaces like walls, ceilings as well as floors. The natural way of removing Mold holds a great deal of importance for us all. You can just simply dissolve the Baking soda into water and can spray the solution on the surface of Mold. After a couple of hours, you can just simply scratch the menace with a damp cloth or even a scrub. Talking about Baking Soda, the item is a natural disinfectant and is mild in nature. What comes as a great fact is that, Baking soda doesn’t leave behind any sort of pungent or bad smell.

Tea Tree Oil

Though a bit expensive, the solution of tea tree oil is one of the best methods to completely wash-off Mold from any sort of surface. With just a couple of spoons of tea old mixed with some hot water can be an effective solution to remove the Mold. One can spray the solution on the Mold and can leverage the anti-bacterial properties of oil of tea tree. With a strong & alluring scent, tea tree oil clears the Mold with added ease. The method can be your pick if you’re looking forward to a permanent removal of Mold and you don’t wish bad odor in the vicinity as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to another household and non-toxic way of getting rid of Mould, Hydrogen Peroxide is what pops on the list. Well, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide on fabrics as well, unlike other natural ways of removing Mold. When mixed with a bit of water, Hydrogen peroxide solution is subjected to the area having Mold. You can also leverage the cleaning capabilities of Bleach, mix some bleaching powder with hydrogen peroxide & make a paste. Apply the paste to the are infected with Mold, the paste will kill molds instantly and the method is cheap as well. One can use it on surfaces such as bathtubs, tiles, glass etc.

Citrus Seed extract

If your nose is prone to pungent smell, you can make an odorless solution of citrus seed extract. Around 20 drops of citrus seed extract are mixed with two cups of hot water, one can spray the solution on the mold as well as mold spores. Don’t rinse rapidly, let the solution rest and do its job. You’ll get a clean and crisp Mold free surface after a couple of hours when you scrub it off.