Water can be an alluring but a gruesome menace when it comes to rigidity factor for the foundation of your homes and offices. If the foundation of a house is buried in wet soil, doesn’t matter if it’s partial or full, it can result in a serious amount of damage. We know how the water in the crawlspaces can create problems, we also know how devastating the after-affects can be of moisture in your basements. Well, what comes as a sad fact is that, if your house’s foundations are submerged in continuous wetness, it’s time to rectify it & consult a professional.

Rainwater, if not properly managed can ruin the viability of structural integrity of your house. In this article, we will be talking about the ways water can damage the foundation of your house:

Soil Erosion

When we talk about Soil erosion, it is simply a phenomenon that results in washout of soil because of the flow of water. Well, soil erosion happens in the crux of your house’s foundation if mud is wet. The soil can slowly over a period of time be washed away due to the enormous amount of building’s pressure. The more the water reaches the foundation, the more the building would be prone to disasters like Earthquake and much more. You can observe the Soil erosion menace by keeping a check on the slanted floors in your house, those doors that don’t close correctly can be a vital way to determine the same. Another way of keeping a check on your house’s chimney can be observing the tilt.


When we talk about pressure amidst the soil inside the surface of the earth, hydro-static pressure plays its role. The pressure is generated due to the continuous accumulation of water in the soil, the saturated soil is a key player here. The saturated soil, when exposed to water can expand significantly, the same is stopped by the foundation walls to wash out. When it pours hard or water level in the soil increases, the pressure can achieve its threshold and can cause breaks in your house’s foundation. Cracks can penetrate amidst masonry walls, the water can further seep into the basement. The clay-rich soil is responsible for sudden cracks, shifts, and bows to the foundation of your house.

Desiccation & Foundation

What comes as an intriguing fact is that, an absence of water after a long presence can cause structural damage as well. You can siphon away the water which is present in the soil by the mechanical process or natural ways of planting trees. But, if soil loses its moisture, desiccation occurs. The saturated clay-rich soil which was originally expanded by the moisture present in it will begin to shrink. The soil would be prone to earthquake, tremors and of course, the pressure of the building. The void created by the shrunken soil is large enough to make foundation experience a drip or even sink. The structure which is based on the same foundation can fall in no time.

How to beat water damage?

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